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Our names are Liliia and Roman Matsura. We are from Ukraine, we live in the city of Kyiv. Before the war, we had work and hobbies. The war took away our work. Now all we have left is a hobby. Hobby helps us survive on our own and carry out charitable activities. From each product that we made with our own hands and sold, we spend part of the money on charity. We buy something nice for children who suffered as a result of the war in Ukraine.

We greatly respect every person who helps Ukraine. Therefore, we want everyone who supports Ukraine to receive valuable things that will make his life better and will remind him of his kind heart and courageous attitude.

Help by buying

What are we doing?

Kitchen boards

     The cutting surface of the kitchen boards is coated with a unique carnauba wax with tung nut oil. This eco-friendly coating helps eliminate odors, such as onions, after slicing. The board is finished on all sides and is not afraid of washing. The board is made of high-quality ash wood.

     Approximate board dimensions are 30cm x 40cm or 12 inches x 16 inches.

     The production time of the board is 1-2 weeks.
     To date, we have ordered boards with 4 inscriptions: "Glory to Ukraine!" (in Ukrainian writing СЛАВА УКРАЇНІ!), "Russian warship go fuck yourself!" (in English and Ukrainian languages), as well as the inscription at the request of the customer "Never underestimate an old man".
     We make boards individually for each customer, so we can make any inscription according to your wishes. Also, the inscription can be not only on the front, but also on the back of the board.

     The cost of the board is 110-130 + delivery 30

Scarves and hats

I knit from elite natural yarn. Sizes are customized.

A scarf measuring 180 cm x 24 cm costs 190 € (delivery is free)
A scarf measuring 140 cm x 18 cm costs 130 € (delivery is free)


The cost of the hat is 65 € + 9 delivery

The Brave tank

get a piece of legend for yourself

This was at the beginning of the war. Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, was bombed every day. In the middle of the city, sabotage and reconnaissance groups of Russian invaders were active. Ukraine was shocked by the sudden war. The enemy stated that he would capture Kyiv in three days! In just three days!

The attack on Kyiv was from different directions, but the largest from the northwest. There their way passed through the town of Hostomel. The Russian army sent elite units of its army to the town. The most brutal and bloodiest unit was the Kadyrovtses. Their column of death stretched for 25 miles! This army is terrified even in Russia. But not Ukrainians!

This is where the story of The brave tank begins! When a huge column of Kadyrovtses drove into the town of Hostomel, their path was stopped by The brave tank! An unequal battle has begun! One hour passed, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, and our tank was still defending its hometown and the whole of Ukraine. Enemy vehicles burned one after another. And here, already the sixth armored personnel carrier of the enemy is destroyed! The battle continued, the barrel of the tank was even covered with dents from enemy bullets, the crew showed superhuman strength, courage and dexterity. But the battle was noticeable, the damage to the tank did not allow him to move deftly and he was forced to stop. Time passed and the enemy was able to hit a standing target…

Everyone thought that the crew had died heroically. Pain and sorrow gripped the hearts of Ukrainians. But what happened? The crew of the tank, hoping to fix it, went for a repair kit. They all survived! Despite the three days declared by the enemy to capture Kyiv, the Ukrainians withstood the onslaught of the enemy! The crew of The brave tank showed what Ukrainians are capable of defending their homeland!

Years and centuries will pass. I believe that humanity will learn to live in peace. Only the symbols of the war, realized in photos, movies, postage stamps, will remain. This stamp, photos, paintings, key chains will carry the eternal memory of the heroes who fought for peace and Freedom in the World!

Post stamp

with a handwritten manuscript

The total circulation is 90 pieces. Issued by Ukrposhta. Officially. Postage stamps are the official means of payment. Denomination UAH 12 ("V") The image was created by artist Roman Matsura Market value 300 The postage stamp is sold with a handwritten manuscript of its heroic history.

Photo or picture

with a handwritten manuscript

You can get a 15X20 cm photo and a handwritten manuscript of the story of the Brave Tank. The manuscript is written each time separately by the author's hand (not a photocopy) and is provided in the original. The handwritten manuscript is A4 in size. The cost of such a set is 55 €. Delivery is free.
This image is also offered as a picture. Which is made from a base measuring about 70X40 cm. Where a photo of the Brave tank in A3 size and a handwritten manuscript in A4 size is pasted. In the video you can see one of the options for such placement. It is unique in that it contains 3 fragments of enemy shells. The color of the base on which the photo and manuscript will be pasted and the material of the base can be agreed individually.
The cost of such a set is 220 € + delivery about 25 € to any country in the world.
Get a part of the Ukrainian legend!


with original tank parts

You can carry a piece of Brave Tank with you. We have created a series of keychains made of jewelry epoxy resin containing powder sawn from molten tank metal in the middle. The average weight of the keychain is 9 grams. You can see the dimensions of the keychain in the video. The cost of the keychain is 65 € + 9 € shipping cost to any country in the world.
In addition to key chains, we can make a pendant and any jewelry epoxy resin product. If you don't use the unique metal powder of the Brave Tank, then we can make key chains starting at 20 €. In addition to stainless steel, we can also use sterling silver in the furniture. The cost of such products can be negotiated.
Buy these unique items and enjoy!

Elite dresses

Imagine that a bloody revolution and civil war falls on your youth. Then a terrible famine in which many millions of your fellow citizens die. And then the Second World War and your country is 100% occupied by the enemy and almost completely destroyed. All your life you are surrounded by death, pain, suffering, grief and despair. Few people could think more than a piece of bread, but she painted flowers... What a superpowerful spirit this woman had, who had a thirst to create beautiful things. All this terrible time, she painted wonderful pictures in which she depicted flowers as a symbol of beauty in the world. And now this unique beauty is placed on elite silk dresses. You can choose a dress as a symbol of irresistible beauty even in the most terrible times and as a symbol of an indomitable spirit that brings beauty to this world.

The cost of such a dress is 3100 € and free delivery to any country in the world.



Meet my godson. He and his mother decided to join our charity movement. As a result, a series of unique t-shirts was created. There are already 5 t-shirts in size XXL. But for each client, we can create a T-shirt of any size. We can also fulfill all your wishes regarding the drawing and material. The t-shirt you see in the video is made of classic cotton. The cost of this t-shirt is 60 € + 9 € shipping to any country in the world.
It will take 12 days to make a custom-made T-shirt.
We invite you to buy this unique t-shirt and help the children of Ukraine.


Stand for pens and pencils
This unique stand is a symbol of the victory of Ukrainians over the numerous enemies of the enemy. The casing used in the stand was found in a Russian tank torn to pieces, it was also torn inside. Therefore, its ornament is natural, unique and unrepeatable. The Russians thought that their bullets would kill Ukrainians, but they were interrupted by Ukrainian defenders. Now, Russian bullets are only suitable as a trophy for the purpose of putting a ballpoint pen or pencil in them. This sleeve is like the skin of a formidable and terrible bear, but on which the feet of the victor now walk.
The shell is installed on a stand made of an elite type of wood. We can make any inscription on the stand. It is also provided that on the sides of the stand there will be holes for two flags. This is a one-of-a-kind artifact. Its cost is only 250

Various decorative art installations
We have bullets, bomb and shell fragments, shell casings and many other artifacts of war. From them we can make both practical things in the form of stands and artistic installations in the form of paintings or similar things. Actually, we have a very unique art installation, the creation of which you can see in the video below

Your personal wish

Our charitable movement is open to any kind of cooperation. We can create anything to your taste. We work well with wood, iron, glass, jewelry epoxy, yarn. Also, we can find various things that you need. For example, ordered from us 5 shell casings from former combat sites, each of which has its own history.

We will be grateful if you provide us with recommendations on those things that may be of interest to you. If necessary, we will be able to produce quite a large number of things. Each person with whom we communicate is a unique individual for us. All the things we do are exclusive. We highly appreciate everyone who supports Ukraine and lovingly create our things as a sign of respect and gratitude for your care.

This is what our shipments look like

Charity video

Only a small part of the video is posted here. In total, our charitable movement has already helped almost 50 children. We record a video for each person who helps Ukrainian children. If you want to learn more, we will provide you with links to all the videos of our charitable movement.

Countries that help us

About payments

It is often necessary to clarify the details before payment. For example, the inscription on the kitchen board, the size of a T-shirt, etc. Therefore, to avoid confusion, we did not make an automatic system for payment. When we have communicated through messengers or e-mails and agreed on the order, then we send the three payment methods that we have.
We really respect the work of each person and always want to provide something valuable and memorable for financial assistance to our charity movement. This is the second reason why we do not include payment information here. Because we want to receive the delivery address and the order before giving the opportunity to pay.
Of course, we are happy to receive donations. But we try to accept them from people to whom we have already sent something. Donations help us not only to help children directly, but also to cover the costs of charity tours: gasoline, trailer rental, etc. Therefore, in very rare cases, we can accept such assistance. And it is easy to guess that our contact e-mails are in PayPal.
But please understand that giving you something in memory of your kind heart for helping Ukrainian children is our philosophy and our priority, so we will be very grateful for the order.




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